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10/02: 202-243-7444 said member alert

10/02: This was a lo-o-ong robo-call message of Calista Gingrich pitching a video/documentary. Per the pre-recorded message, Newt Gingrich is involved. At the end, there was a 1-800 # given to "unsubscribe" but after the long message, I wasn't ready to take down the telephone number. Lest we all forget, somehow calls such as this fall into the "political" category and therefore, they are exempt from the National Do Not Call List. Politicians looking out for politicians on this one - - certainly not the public or their privacy. What if we all refused to vote for those who abuse us the most? I don't think we would be Republican or Democrat in that case. Caller: Newt Gingrich/Calista Gingrich Call Type: Political Call

  10/05: Don't know saw the number on my is and ignored it I then looked it up and saw what is was

  10/05: Mrs. Gingrich called telling me the government has forgotten God and she wanted to send me some video; however she asked for my brother who has never lived here nor used my phone number nor lives in my state!

  10/11: 10/05 caller ID said member alert and woman said my name. Hung up.

  10/17: Don't know. We don't answer calls when the caller ID won't tell us that it's somebody we know, or an institution with which we do business. Talking caller ID makes this particularly easy.

  10/22: member alert: No message. Will have to block this # too.

  10/22: member alert: No message. Will have to block this # too.

  10/24: 10/24: member alert: No Message

  01/15: None don't know

  01/18: member alert 202-243-7444

  01/18: 202-243-7444 showed up as "Member Alert" Further identified itself as "Presidential Coalition." Live respondent (level 3) named Mike Huckabee.

  06/25: ok very sorry

The 202 AreaCode, located in District of Columbia, covers a total of 219 square miles spanning the state from Washington to Washington. There are a total of 183 Comments in the 202 AreaCode, which makes it the 5th most commented AreaCode.

KnownCaller.com is a crowd-sourced website designed to identify unknown callers, basically working as a virtual white pages or a Reverse Phone Lookup service allowing you to determine whether or not its worth your time or effort to answer a call. There are many legimiate callers such as friends, classmates, associates and calls from businesses that you've dealt with in the past or want to deal with in the future. However, there are many callers that you DON'T want to receive calls from. Callers such as Scammers (Scam Artists), Bill Collection Agencies, Credit Card Collections and others looking to take your hard earned money.

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