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09/15: lugo

12/05: amount of $678.42 was tried to be taken out of my acocunt by this caller with sprint tel id 2521616695

01/13: This number has attached itself to my business account in the amount of 192.01. Contacted Sprint they were no help at all, completely disgusted with them. If you have any info on the theives with this number please post.

02/08: Used Sprint to steal $$$ from my account!


  05/02: they got $585.26 out of my checking account on 4/27/12

  06/04: It's GISELLE LOZADA whose Sprint bill was paid. An Elizabeth NJ mail thief is feeding her and others the routing and account numbers from checks he/she steals from apartment mailboxes.

  06/04: This person and an accomplice named Melina Lozada stole info from my checking acct as well, and paid a Sprint cell ph bill connected to this number, and also a cablevision bill. Luckily we saw the transaction on my account almost immediately and stopped the account before they could make any other payments. This seems to be a "family affair" and they are targeting mail in Elizabeth NJ. If they are stealing from a secure mailbox, this is mail fraud, a federal offense, and if they are not taking it from mailboxes, there may be a mail carrier who is involved in the action. My bank also declines to take action against this person, and Sprint doesn't want to get involved either. It might be that someone needs to contact the postal inspector in Elizabeth NJ.

  06/04: Has anyone called the number to see who answers?

  10/24: 2 large transactions were made Sprint on my account with the cellphone number

  11/24: this is not a sprint phone #, i think this is a payment confirmation #. hating sprint at this point, getting the run around, can anyone confirm if they have an account with chase? i saw a statement online from chase account holder with the same issue, the thief may be working inside chase. just a thought.

  10/16: Nara Parker 252-262-6695

  10/16: Nara Parker at 225-262-6695 allegedly charged $5,000.00 from an 85 year old lady's account.

  10/16: Nara Parker 225-262-6695 SPRINT charges.

  06/07: Lives in Inglewood CA

The 252 AreaCode, located in North Carolina, covers a total of 21,933 square miles spanning the state from Emerald Isle to Woodleigh. There are a total of 28 Comments in the 252 AreaCode, which makes it the 59th most commented AreaCode.

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