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09/16: They keep trying to sell you their consumer financial services. They get very nasty and swear at you and won't stop calling.

09/21: They have a heavy accent and refuse to tell me who they are.

09/21: Someone trying to talk to me about credit card debt. When I pressed the caller for more information they got cranky and hung up.

09/22: they wont quit calling!! tell me how much i owe credit cards and to use their services, they wont quit calling

  09/27: They operate under many different names. They will not remove you from call list. They purchased my info from autoloanfinance.com

  04/04: First called by 843-619-7688, pressed ignore, then called immediately by 503-457-1003. Again pressed ignore. No messages. I've had this happen before--for several days got calls from 360-529-6181 which I ignored and immediately called by 971-732-1589 which were also ignored. After 2-3 days of ignoring all calls they stopped calling. Looks like they are on a 2-3 week cycle if it's the same people.

  04/18: It was a call concerning a VA loan. What they wanted I have no idea because I told them to take me off the list. The background noise was indicative of a boiler room with people who could hardly speak English. They are on my list. Next call is a letter to the state attorney general and the FCC!

  06/12: Called me twice within 30 minutes and would not say anything. When I said I was going to report them, they hung up.

  06/12: Called four times today. No one says anything. They just hang up. When I called back, all it said was do I want to be taken off of the call list. Strange

  06/13: Don't know. Just they won't stop calling and are rude. We should give this number along with our comments to the attorney general's office, the FCC and the FTC!

  06/13: They won't stop calling even after I very camly asked them to.

  06/14: Nothing new about 503-457-1003

  06/14: they keep calling my home phone, no message is left

  06/14: keep calling - several times a day, I haven't answered...

  06/14: 5034571003 calls constantly

  06/15: They call several times a day. Don't leave a message.

  06/15: :( I called the Oregon Attorney General's office. The gentleman I spoke with was extremely helpful. I'm receiving some formal complaint documents which I will fill out along with a detailed description of what's been occurring and send it back to them. Fill out their online complaint form. They'll take notice if a flood of those come in about this number.

  06/17: trying to sell me a home security if they called again was going to sue them i said no not interested i hung up

  06/18: Called and hung up. Nobody there.

  06/18: phisher,scam. they called up to 4 times a day.

  06/18: I have no idea who it is.

  06/19: Have called at least 6 times every day for the last few weeks. I don't answer thinking that they will stop. So far that hasn't worked.

  06/20: the guys name was matt,

  06/20: Called at 6:33 AM local time today, caller ID shows USF, left no message, and I have been on the national "do not call" list for over a year.

  06/20: They keep calling me several times a day and do not leave a message. The Caller ID says "USF".

  06/21: Scammer calling from several numbers in this area code and 971 area code.

  06/21: Repetitive caller. Upon answering, no one speaks. But this caller telephones multiple times daily.

  06/21: His name is Tom. He was from ADT. Wanted me to sign up for Home Security System. I get the equipment for free as long as I let them put a sign in my yard.

  06/22: I never answer because I have caller id, but they call every two hours. They never leave a message on the answering machine.

  06/22: They keep calling my cellphone!

  06/22: 503-457-1003 caller id says it is LHELP

  06/23: Just call constantly. Do not answer and they do not leave a message. Caller ID says USF. I live in Georgia.

  06/23: this number calls me at least twicw a day. i have never answered it.

  06/23: Please. I am 1 out of a million and you cant figure out who it is. They wont speak or anything. Just hang up like a pansy. You can hear movement in the back ground, but no voice. I tell them like my grandmother would "God rest her little soul" "SPEAK ASS, MOUTH WONT" But if they continue to wake my sick baby, then i'm going to the cops.

  06/23: Called 19 times over three days on my cell. Never left a message

  06/23: www.livehelpindia.com (LHELP). Actual original phone number is +91 2367 571 003 from Kankvli, India. Is on the BSNL_MTNL network. Enters U.S. through Gresham, OR switching station. Rat eatin' dot heads want your money. They make $3 an hour to call as many numbers as they can.

  06/26: they call me every day wont identify them self they wont stop and the use harsh tone and language

  06/27: USF 503-457-1003

  06/28: I do not answer phone calls when I don't recegnize the #. They call once a day from this # LHELP 503-457-1003. They do not leave a message. I figure whom ever it is will give up hopfully.

  06/28: Caller ID shows USF and they never leave a message on the answering machine!! Have called repeatedly at all times of the day.

  06/28: This caller has called twice in the last two hours.

  06/29: 6/29 - calling my cell phone relentlessly even tho I phoned back and opted out. I don't owe anybody a dime. Don't even have a car loan or mortgage so they aren't collectors. WTF?

  07/02: they call me again and again, but when I pick up the phone, there is nobody answer the phone.

  07/02: Has been calling me for months sometimes 5 times a day. I just got 3 calls today 7/2/12. I asked Tom from Home Security not to call me anymore for the 5th. time and he called me 2 more times today. Ive missed important calls because of these people.

  07/04: Operates under different names. Really annoying!!

  07/05: It say LHelp on my caller I.D.

  07/06: Keeps calling. Obviously a robocall. I have answered, nothing. Calls at least every day. These are the lowest life forms. Obviously a lot of people buy into them or they would be out of business.


  07/09: 5th call In 4hours. I don't answer and leaves no message!

  07/09: from tillamook,or

  07/10: Telemarketer. I don't give my number out either. Have also been getting calls from 5765296605, 9882402498,3329032629, 4892246446, 4638813264 often.

  07/10: USF 503-457-1003

  08/23: Won't leave a message. I have the number on call block now. It doesn't ring but records every time that number calls.

  08/23: Won't leave a message. I have the number on call block now. It doesn't ring but records every time that number calls.

The 503 AreaCode, located in Oregon, covers a total of 11,388 square miles spanning the state from Scio to Hammond. There are a total of 117 Comments in the 503 AreaCode, which makes it the 9th most commented AreaCode.

KnownCaller.com is a crowd-sourced website designed to identify unknown callers, basically working as a virtual white pages or a Reverse Phone Lookup service allowing you to determine whether or not its worth your time or effort to answer a call. There are many legimiate callers such as friends, classmates, associates and calls from businesses that you've dealt with in the past or want to deal with in the future. However, there are many callers that you DON'T want to receive calls from. Callers such as Scammers (Scam Artists), Bill Collection Agencies, Credit Card Collections and others looking to take your hard earned money.

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