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08/22: mike russell

08/22: NOT KNOWN...voice mail by a Matt Russell, a complaint being filed in my name and ss#. have 72 hrs before formal proceedings take place. No other identifying information.

08/23: The call was a recorded message saying there is legal action pending against me and my social security number and to return this call to avoid issues. I tried to call back and received an automated answering system say "We are unable to reach your party. You have reached the go solo system" I think this is a poorly setup phishing scam

  08/25: matt russell at 1 866 215 6794. i recieved a call at 9 am saturday morning, a recorded message saying that a "complaint with 'my name and ss# ' is going to be filled against me." and i had 72 hours before this would happen. my first thought was 'what legal proccedings start on saturday morning?' this is a scam..they buy information concerning debts or alleged debts or debts that fall outside the 'staute of limitation' ( time-barred debt) for lawfull debt collections. they use scare tatics and threats of legal action to obtain some type of payment. in most cases a very very small portion go to the agency where the debt originated, in the case of 'time barred debt'..all money goes to the scam artist trying to get the money.

  08/29: Matt Russell called hotel I work for and recorded message said there was a complaint being filed against my social security number and I had 72hrs before action would be taken and it would be too late to do anything. Don't know who they were calling for exactly because they never mentioned a name and the owners of the hotel also live there and list the hotel's number as their home number.

  08/29: A partial message saying a formal complaint will be filed in 24 hrs. No return phone number left, no case number, no details even saying my name.

  08/30: Harassing phone calls for months looking for someone who doesn't live at residence

  09/01: I was a secretary many years ago and when I wnated to work at home I started my own clerical business. I came up with a name for my business and printed up business cards. I started by contacting other business like this in my area to see what the going rates were for different work then I priced mine comparably. I would just go in and ask for a price list or if something quick came up I would call them, tell them the work that needed doing and asked them approximately how much would they charge - of course they thought the work was mine. Ie2€™m not sure they would have given me a price if they knew I was doing the same work they were doing. I purchased Microsoft Office and a Word Perfect Program because I wnated to contact Law Offices that might outsource work to me and they all used Word Perfect. I bought a good computer and since I couldn't afford a laser printer I got a good ink jet printer that mimicked a laser printer. To advertise I went to small neighborhood printers

  09/04: Matt Russell at 866 215 6794 indicating a complaint is being filed against me with my social security number and when you call the idiots back they have the wrong number. Let's start a class action lawsuit against these clowns!

  09/04: unknown just left a message

  09/05: my son received a phone call from this number. They left a message about some one filled a claim against his name and SS#. the Guys name is Matt Russell.

  09/05: Represents a ( no name ) bank legal action starts in 72 hours

  09/06: a voice mail, did not mention his name, he said, a complaint will be filed in my name, giving me 72 hrs.to return his call before formal proceedings will take place.

  09/07: keep calling job, no msg,,,, getting on my nerves...

  09/10: The call keep calling home leaving message about taking legal action and I have only 72 hours to reply. He never say who he is call there a several adults In the home.

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