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05/21: gourmet cooking

08/06: number appeared with a debit card charge

08/11: gourmet cooking charge

08/11: i don't know anything more

10/09: seems to be a big scam - keeps charging 9.95 to my checking account more than 1 time per month

02/13: if you bought anything from Ronco foods, this charge is for an online cookbook that you can access. Had no idea I was going to be continually charged once I bought "The Art of the Knife" in December. I cancelled immediately.

  03/07: monthly unauthorized charges on my credit card


  04/12: I too have gotten charge for 9.95 one from this number and one 7 days later with a 866-376-7640 The first number shows MBM Gourmet Cooking and the later number says JBEI Gourmet Rewards

  06/04: I received an e-mail about a cookbook Old West Cookbook $3.95, so like a fool I ordered it. Now they charge $9.95 every monthautomatically on my charge card. What a scam.

  06/05: Kava kitchen appliances

  06/05: That's not all they screwed me on for being stupid, LOL!

  06/11: I too had a charge on my account from this company. I called them and they told me it was part of a package I ordered when I got my thermometer. I told them that I wanted it cancelled and was told that it will be. I think I should still call my bank and put a stop to this. What a bunch of theives and how do we get these people stopped?

  06/11: I think I have a little story to tell on Facebook. I'll use social media as they did.

  06/22: no one called me. this is a scam. I've being charged from my band account from 2 different places. i'm stopping this at the bank.

  12/31: just getting bill ever month on debit card

  02/09: keeps billing me 9.95 on c/c

  02/19: MBM 8663508718 Received at charge of 9.95 on my credit card. Priviously received a charge of jbei for 9.95.

  05/27: 9.95 dollars charged twice a month

  07/14: 888-240-0576 and 800-707-3067

  07/25: I bought a thermometer a few months ago and thought I had refused all of their extra offers, but apparently missed something because now this charge shows up for a "gourmet cooking school" that I never knew I had. (Another one of those "free" items that really are not apparently) They said they would refund my charges within 7-10 business days and cancel my account-time will tell.

  08/25: 6/13/14 - ordered a Dehydrating Book ($3.95) from 800-795-2412 CA; received - OK 8/12/14 - charged $9.95 from 866-350-8718 CA - nothing ordered 8/19/14 - charged $9.95 from 866-376-7640 CA - nothing ordered Are these connected?

  10/25: MBM and JBEI

  11/16: I didn't get called. I just got debited by them $9.95 probably for a "free" cookbook or some such other thing. Likely a scheme to sign unsuspecting people up for something they don't want and didn't ask for. Bank statement says California, but phone number says to call such and such days/hours "Central" time zone. Curious.

  03/31: CHECK CRD PURCHASE 09/09 MD *866-3508718 866-3508718 CA 434258XXXXXX0245 384252314986593 ?MCC=5969

  05/02: 866-3767640 Gourmet Cooking

  08/04: All I can add, is that, I have two charges of $9.95 on my bank statement on July 21, 2015. I have to find out why.

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