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03/20 909-481-9145 Yes man possibly had trouble with the law.
03/19 281-306-0346 keeps calling looking for somone sounds weird
03/18 213-239-1254 Mini Pharmacy
03/18 203-916-0731 called my work 2 times. threatened me with the same. 2nd time asked to speak with my supervisor. guy was talking down to me. told him to stop calling me at work. he hung up
03/17 877-892-5386 sounds like an expired warranty notification SCAM! had all my cars info but any notification of this level would either be from ur own dealership or past warranty holder... this notice is trying to claim that this warranty protection expires... "FINAL ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY" yet, i haven't recieved any of ur past Scam offers so Go fuhg yourself... Motor Vehicle Services
03/16 811-589-0528 called requesting money for military
03/15 403-359-0300 called more than once and hangs up
03/15 403-359-0300 lethbridge based
03/14 770-557-3001 Yeah, they actually are UPS.
03/14 425-446-6384 I did not answer this call. They called twice and did not leave a message.
03/13 774-236-1320 Texting me late night no idea who it is
03/12 206-737-8988 Guy called looking for the owner of our business - he claimed to be King County Police and kept pushing until we asked until what it was about—he hung up once we started pushing back.
03/12 203-916-0731 Man named Mark Cohen with Century Claims called about a loan from Cash Direct that I owe. Company waived the interest - only want loan balance repaid or I'll go to jail.
03/12 239-829-0276 cffmhlopxodbmmfs, Generic viagra woman, YYkDDYs, [url=]Viagra suppliers in the uk[/url], RpFAtZD, Women does viagra work, DjaPBTM.
03/11 866-225-2848 Baylor Health Hospital Garland. Someone answered but she didn't sound legit so I hung up. I've never been to Baylor Hospital for any health needs, so definitely think this is a scam.
03/10 225-372-4970 This caller is texting my cell phone threatening to kill me.
03/10 479-841-6252 This number called me three times at midnight. I had my cell phone off so I didn't see it until this morning.
03/09 702-309-8006 I am a beautiful person
03/06 866-286-3206 no vm left;2 calls, 11:45 & 11:49a, 3-6-2014
03/05 847-664-0421 QuotesChimp could be pressured to pay the difference out of your own pocket if the wounded man (or his or her attorney) determines to pursue you in tribunal. Under a single-limit coverage, yet, you would have less because your policy contract would be more productive to worry about. Most of your indebtedness coverage could be applied to the severely casualty, $300,000 in our example, which the sufferer might be willing to take as payment in full. At the very least, the sum of money you could be pushed to take out of your own wallet would be significantly less than under the schism-limit format.
03/05 718-285-0166 Motorist's training reduction. A Few states need, and lots of them QuotesChimp provide, price reductions for motorists who've effectively finished motorist's training lessons. There can also be price reductions for groups specially tailored for defensive driving abilities. Therefore, just take sometime plus get back to college. You would possibly decrease your insurance costs. More essential, you would possibly save yourself somebody's existence, possibly also your personal.
03/05 877-215-9498 The amount of money may Quotes Chimp manage to invest? You are required to make certain that you get the many insurance hit to your premium dollar, if cash is a massive factor regarding policy contract. It's also possible to have to establish your insurance precedences, ensuring that these issues of the majority of significance are shielded first prior to less substantial matters are considered by you. J. John Rogue of NICO urges that you simply presume &number3 4;complete&number3 4; and &number3 4;ruinous.&number3 4; By complete, he ways to reach as wide-ranging an umbrella of safety as you possibly can. By ruinous, he suggests which you ought to endeavor to insure your self for the worst-situation situation. Then, being included in a wide-centered medical insurance plan ?s likely more essential when compared to a incapacity coverage. Then, the incapacity coverage is more essential than pre-paid authorized insurance.
03/05 213-330-1370 The grounds for QuotesChimp superinflation fluctuate, depending on whose view is being expressed. Request the insurance industry and it will carry on about selfish lawyers bringing frivolous law suits that the underwriters have to spend millions to defend. It will rail against unethical body shops that charge unconscionable fees to mend about the exorbitant prices of medical attention and damaged automobiles.
03/05 901-881-1591 Before QuotesChimp begin exploring the four major types of personal insurance, let us start with a brief explanation of insurance and why you need it to manage the risks in your life. Understanding this will help you be better prepared when you visit your insurance agent.
03/05 866-752-0545 Understanding the conditions section can be very important, especially with regard to preserving your rights under the QuotesChimp should you incur a loss. This portion of the contract will also tell you how your losses will be measured pursuant to the policy. Most policies require you to comply with specific procedures when filing claims and disputing insurance company decisions with regard to those claims. These requirements and procedures will be found in the conditions portion of your policy. Your failure to comply could result in loss of money you would oth�erwise have obtained, or at least may delay payment, and can prevent you from having the right to take the insurance company to court.
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