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03/29 866-315-6345 xchntlopxodbmmfs, Richard jeremiah wann, JmTKaPc, [url=]Richard jeremiah wann[/url], sdsvFZD, Jeremiah wann, NXRcttT.
03/28 931-335-1307 Have no idea who this is, they left no message. Not the first time area code 931 that someone has called. No family or friends in Crossville.
03/28 315-651-1923 Bootie Caller
03/28 855-278-0471 Someone called me from 855-278-0471 demanding I pay a large amount of money on a loan they claim is in my name. I would not give me the name of the lender or any contact info.
03/27 866-530-6614 My 77 year old mother was contacted by these people. It was a boy on the other end, very distraught saying "grandma" I need bail mom couldn't figure out which grandson it was. This is a BIG SCAM. When I called the number back it goes to a fax machine. DON'T SEND MONEY. This is elder abuse.
03/27 866-530-6614 My 77 year old mother was contacted by these people. It was a boy on the other end, very distraught saying "grandma" I need bail mom couldn't figure out which grandson it was.
03/27 877-297-6178 They are posing as "Motor Vehicle Service" of 933 Main Plaza Drive, Wentzeville, MO 63385. this address matches to an auto repair shop. Please don't fall for their scam!!!
03/27 866-753-7321 They talked to my mom. She gave them banking information. I called them and the lady said " if your mother has any more questions have her give us a call" CLICK.
03/27 303-275-0113 has anyone received a call from this phone number?
03/27 603-689-9546 Service Department scam telemarketer
03/27 931-389-1770 just got a text
03/26 602-281-9991 In Ohio, it is very common to see laerwys for these companies in small claims court getting legal judgments against people owing amounts under $500. Howevever, expect interest to accrue, as well as attorney fees and filing fees if you don't pay and they take you to court. It will also pop up on your credit report. I imagine this occurs in your area also, and that your debt will double very quickly.Also, with a legal judgment and knowing where you work, it is just a quick walk down to the clerk to get garnishments against your wages.These companies unfortunatly are very good as making debtors pay one way or another. I think you should ask a family member for help in getting out from their thumb this doesn't sound like a ton of money for someone to help.Next, be thankful you've learned your lesson and don't return. I'm sorry to hear you're in this position and hope you can get out of as soon as possible.
03/26 585-496-7800 I received an email from ACS-legal for Advance Cash Services which stated that this was my final notice (never received one prior to this) nor have I ever had a loan with this company. It stated that unless I made arrangements to pay it (663.00) they would report this information to the IRS.
03/26 603-681-0521 The iPad/iPod support is awmoese, but still need two essential improvements:First: can you guys make it to support the iPad screen resolution?Second: using it from the Safari browser, it lets me to make calls using my Gizmo5 account (Google voice calls my Gizmo5 and connects my call); however, when I use click2call in the app, it only shows the option to make the call with one of my phone numbers.Please, Goolge... Give us the Gizmo5 support within the app too! That would make the Google voice app a killer!
03/26 855-560-4874 help who is this
03/26 678-666-0793 Good job making it apepar easy.
03/26 800-569-2010 Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brghitened my day!
03/26 570-851-0419 God, I feel like I suohld be takin notes! Great work
03/26 888-242-8918 And I was just wnodeirng about that too!
03/26 508-263-9010 Superior thiknnig demonstrated above. Thanks!
03/25 404-400-1125 I have no ideal who or what this is. They call me repeatedly about 3 times a day even on Sundays. When I one speaks
03/25 585-496-7800 they are scammers..beware
03/25 866-598-2246 These people called me today basically saying the same thing as others posted on here are saying. The lady was hispanic and definitely from New York because of the accent. She said they wanted to serve me but she didn't have any knowledge to what was inside the envelope that needed to be delivered to me. She claimed it was against the law for her to know. She game me the 866 number along with a reference number. I will not call the number unless I get bored and decided to prank call them.
03/24 610-570-1391 just looking for the owner
03/24 361-557-4649 harrasement
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