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04/15 918-441-0120 They are sending text messages to my phone and when I called to ask who it was they won't tell me their name
04/15 312-842-0767 chicago
04/15 602-753-9564 Robo caller about identity theft.
04/15 303-557-9801 I did not answer the phone.
04/14 316-260-0509 Calls then hangs up. Call it back and busy signal. Called from different cell phone they answer so asked is there a problem why they call then hang up twice,,,,no answer just hung up.
04/12 866-350-8718 I too have gotten charge for 9.95 one from this number and one 7 days later with a 866-376-7640 The first number shows MBM Gourmet Cooking and the later number says JBEI Gourmet Rewards
04/12 866-846-8035 I received a pink card in the mail notifying of a deadline dated 4/22/13. The work being offer is Government Insurance Refund Processor. I called 8668468035 and was told by recording to mail in 3.91 for shipping fee to receive packet of information regarding processing government insurance refunds to homeowners. I did not give any information. I am not sure if it is a scam.
04/11 866-846-8035 God bless you all for your honest and helpful remarks!
04/11 866-846-8035 I just received the same pink postcard. Thanks to your honest comments you saved me from getting scammed. Thank you all for speaking out and saving others from getting ripped off!
04/11 909-806-0211 This woman found me on Facebook and tried to claim that someone stole the identity of someone I know and that he should call her. He tried to and got a full voicemailbox. she won't tell me how she got the connection between my friend and I. very suspicious. I blocked and reported her. Her name is Sharon Pendola.
04/11 855-215-5588 ass wipes call all the time
04/10 866-846-8035 I reported this to the US Post Office as mail fraud. There is a form you fill out. Provide the phone number, permit number and permit city. Maybe the Feds can put these bastards out of business. Tired of these sharks attacking unemployed people.
04/10 866-753-7321 My parents found reviewed bank statement and found an odd ACH transaction in amount of $446.91. Name on draft was Private Capitol LLC. When I called #(855)474 8013 for that group as shown on check, was told they only collect funds for discounted medical benefit plans sold by YHG (Your Health Group). They told me I would have to call YHG at 866-753-7321 to get refund and proof that the payment was authorized. I did get an AWFUL, RUDE foreign woman who yelled at me and talked over me. She said she was not with YHG but was their answering service. Told me she was in the Phillipines. CRIMINALS!!!
04/10 918-505-9350 I have no information on this number
04/10 888-543-6482 I just received a call from Rhonda Stewart at work telling me that she is w/Legal Claims and that I should call Steinberg & Assoc at 888*543-6482. She could not tell me what it was about and only said that she was advising me to contact them. I asked her for her number and what it was about. She refused to give me her number and would not give me specifics. I told her not to contact me at work again and nor through the mail if she didn't have specifics and that i was certain that she cannot call me at work if I've told her not to.
04/09 888-543-6482 I just received the same as above, if they were going to serve they wouldn't call to warn you....good try, but no go.
04/09 002-320-0100 This is a scam artist asking for you IP address in the name of security software. My husband frustrated the guys on the other end of the line for 20 minutes, going in circles with them over where in California they claimed they were located--they would not say. But, one man did say he came from Sri Lanka. He ended up calling my husband a "Mother F***er" before hanging up.
04/09 678-666-0793 nationwiide credit inc
04/08 818-206-1228 continue to call day and night. Won't answer when I pick up. Who are they?
04/08 866-753-7321 My mother too rcd this call , was told if she didn't give checking info her SS ck wouldn't be disbursed, I just called male who answered stated no outgoing call would've been made from this #, and he refused to ID company name. So I told him so then this fraudulent company and hung up
04/08 866-753-7321 My mother too rcd this call , was told if she didn't give checking info her SS ck wouldn't be disbursed
04/07 888-213-4830 Claims to be "AllSouth FCU" Says Account access limited, call this number now to remove restrictions. Since I don't have an account with AllSouth I am unable to warn them about this scam to their customers. Date/time 2013-04-07 @9:53 pm
04/05 484-366-1372 This person is claiming I fucked their friend... What?
04/04 888-998-6741 Text from 92466502 Text: ashleystephenson208: Hi you won a cruise for 2 for-free dial 888-998-6741 winning code# 8725
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